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Solar Energisers


RED SNAP'R solar powered energisers are very economical, self-contained units built with the latest technology. Suitable for all locations where there is no access to power or in cases where flexibility is a requirement. Where would you use a solar powered energiser? In all cases where there is no access to electricity. Battery powered energisers require frequent charging or replacement of the batteries which, over a period of time, can be rather costly. The battery of a solar powered energiser lasts, under normal conditions, 3 - 5 years and is, therefore, a very economical tool. Note that our prices include appropriate gel cel batteries. You do not have to purchase these separately.

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Solar Snap'r-LIS10LIS10 - Solar Snap'r - 0.2 Output Joules / 0.33 Stored Joules - Up to 5 km of fence$288.50
RED TROUT LIS30 Front ViewLIS30 - Solar Powered Energiser - 0.5 Output Joule - 7 to 10 km of fence$495.00
Red Trout Mains/Battery powered energiser with solar kit-LIMB30LIMB30 - RED TROUT Battery Energiser with Solar Kit - 2.5 Output Joules - 25 to 30 km$1,342.40
Red Trout Battery Energiser with Solar Kit-LIMB50LIMB50 - Mains/Battery RED TROUT Flexigiser with Solar Kit - 4.5 Output Joules - 45 to 50 km $1,567.45