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IP Monitor - Remote Monitoring Device for Electric Fence Set-Up with Mobile Phone

IP Monitor

At the 2017 Fieldays at Mystery Creek we introduced the IP MONITOR to the farming community. This gives you control via Wi-Fi of any energiser on your farm. The IP MONITOR gives you the possibility, from the comfort of your home or even whilst away from the farm e.g. in town or overseas to:

·        Monitor remotely

·        See the voltage

·        See the current

·        Receive alarms

·        Turn fence off / on

·        Divide fence into zones


When we launched our Red Trout IP Energisers in 2016 farmers found this innovation revolutionary but mentioned that they would love to have this facility without replacing all their energisers. Our R & D considered this possibility and invented the Red Trout IP MONITOR.


The IP MONITOR is available in two different versions:

IP MONITOR (16 OJ)           @         $ 398.50 incl. GST     $ 346.50 excl. GST

IP MONITOR (36 OJ)           @         $ 488.50 incl. GST     $ 424.80 excl. GST


As indicated above one model can only be used with energisers that do not exceed 16 Output Joules or 24 Stored Joules whereas the second unit can handle energisers up to 36 Output Joules or 54 Stored Joules.

Please note that the IP Monitor does NOT require any additional controller. For some cmpetition products this is a must. When comparing prices this additional cost has to be included..   

You will understand that this is brand new technology, but unfortunately certain parts have, so far, not been manufactured in larger quantities which would allow our suppliers the dropping of prices. However, this will happen over time and we shall certainly adjust our price levels as soon as this is possible.

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