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LIMB50 - Mains/Battery RED TROUT Flexigiser with Solar Kit - 4.5 Output Joules - 45 to 50 km

Red Trout Battery Energiser with Solar Kit-LIMB50
Red Trout Battery Energiser with Solar Kit-LIMB50

The LIMB50 is a 4.5 Output Joules mains/battery powered energiser. It comes with a transformer and battery clips to use it either on mains power or with a battery.

The RED TROUT Flexigiser is also available with a solar kit. This consists of:

- Mains/Battery powered RED TROUT Flexigiser with 4.5 Output Joules

- 50 W Solar Panel

- Regulator

- Deep Cycle Battery 12 Volt, 115 Amp/h, sealed

- Brackets and Leads

Please note that delivery charges of this item (inc. battery) are not included. Courier/freight charges are available upon request

Price: $1,567.45