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MAINS/BATTERY POWERED ENERGISER LIMB120 IP - 12.0 Output Joules - 120 km

LIMB120 IP Mains/battery Powered Energiser/Energizer/Flexigiser

NEW PRODUCT - The RED TROUT LIMB120 IP energiser incorporates the latest state-of-the-art technology. It is equipped with "IP Energizer®" technology which allows Remote Control of the energiser through Wi-Fi. It is also equipped with "Power on Demand". It is compact, comes with a 3-year warranty and is very competitively priced. .A Solar kit is available, however price varies depending on location.


POWER ON DEMAND is the way the energiser increases power to the output when a heavy load is applied. It reduces the power used by the energiser when the load is light. This can happen when e.g. cut-out switch is used to turn off part of the farm's electric fence system. When the load is increased, the energiser resumes working at a maximum capacity. This feature extends the life of an energiser. The RED TROUT energiser compensates and overcomes shorts or energy drains caused by heavy vegetation, fences in poor condition and long fences


If you do not require the IP Energiser control feature, you may simply connect the energiser to the fence and turn it on and off via the front panel switch.



Suitable for fences up to 120 km in length


This unit comes with an adapter and leads to be attached to Mains Power or to a Battery

Price: $815.00