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LIS15 - Red Trout Solar Energiser - Up to 7 km of fence

LIS15 Solar Energiser
LIS15 Solar EnergiserLIS15 Solar Energiser

New Model - Red Trout LIS15


The RED TROUT LIS15 is a self-contained solar powered energiser. It will power a clean fence of up to 7 km. It is equipped with a fully preconditioned 12 Volt, 9 Amp/h gel cell battery which matches the 5 Watt solar panel. The unit will operate for up to two weeks without sun.


Features include:

OK Green LED light - Flashes with each pulse to show the unit is on and operating correctly

- Kilo Volts Display - Shows the voltage on the output terminal 

- Load Factor Display - Allows to see how heavy the load is on the fence, and how much power the unit is supplying to the fence

- Power Supply Voltage - When the energiser is turned off it will  display the power supply voltage

- Solar panel - rating of 12 volts. 5 watts

- Joule Rating - O.25 Output Joules, 0.5 Stored Joules


The RED TROUT LIS15 is ideal for farmers that require a medium powered solar unit that can be shifted.


Comes with a 2-year warranty that includes damage caused by lightning provided that lightening diverters are installed.

Price: $410.00